Tint Masters has extensive experience working with designers, architects and contractors as well as business and home owners for various window tint installations. Our design consultant will come to your home or business and help you decide on the right window tint installation for your specific needs and desires.

Tint Master expert window film professionals can help you choose from our many window tint installation solutions and our project coordinators will assist you throughout the entire process. Call us to schedule an appointment for a FREE, no obligation consultation and estimate for any window tint installation.

  • Tint Master Films offer the world’s finest, most technologically advanced window tint installation. They are super clear, look beautiful on glass, and perform brilliantly.
  • Solar Control Window Tint Installation has been the industry standard window films for over 30 years. New technology films now come in a range of hues, and possess impressive performance characteristics (reducing UV Rays by 99% and solar heat by up to 80%).
  • Security Window Tint Installation has become the most important new product category in window films. Recent events including increase in global terrorism, combined with a surge in tropical storms over this decade have created a new awareness and need for security window tint installation.
  • Designer and Frosted Films are the hottest trend in interior and corporate window tint installation, providing architects and interior designers with myriad design options at a fraction of the cost of frosted glass.
  • Anti-Graffiti and Surface Protection Films protect glass and other surfaces in public and private spaces from graffiti and vandalism. These window tint installations also prevent “taggers” from etching their signatures into and ruining the appearance of the glass.

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